Love and Mercury Retrograde December 20, 2016

Dear Readers of my blog,

This is really new for me. I have the skills, knowledge and education that you would want to know about your horoscope, love rating, career, or just about any part of your life.  Mercury goes retrograde, and has already started, so since I’ve never officially operated a blog before…and this is Word Press – it can’t get any better, right?… I hope that something great comes from this.

For instance, my bro-in-law, Warren Zvon…look him up in Facebook, is such a great artist, and has a super good blog on baseball and the Mets…you don’t have to be a Mets fan to be able to go on his blog.  Just go there and look at his artwork.

Now about astrology. Mercury, the planet of communications, travel, neighbors, plans, actions, appointments, commitments, tend to have some issues, but at other times, it’s a good time to redo or revise what you need to do in your personal or professional life.

For your love life, if you make commitments during these next three weeks, be prepared that things might be dicey and some kind of disappointment might occur. If someone asked me to marry him during this time, I’d wait…just to have that “astrological edge,” because marriage is no piece of cake. It takes more work than time I have to write about it, but my research in these matters of the heart tell me that it really is better to be emotionally safe than impulsively sorry. I can say “trust me,” but astrology is non-biased and speaks for itself. It took me nearly five years to marry my husband. We are 92% compatible, and I still took my time. Love doesn’t rush and shouldn’t be committed to so quickly. I don’t believe in “love at first sight.” This is actually physical attraction. Intimacy may follow, and then when one of the two thinks it’s “true love” and the other person decides to move on, there’s a very disappointed and hurt individual. It’s too much of an investment when anyone rushes into a relationship for “forever.”  It’s an investment which can break the heart more than a slot machine can break your bank account.

Also, I’ve known for a few years now, that I needed revision surgery, but I’m pretty good at my instincts. Luckily for me, I just visited a surgeon yesterday to talk about revision surgery. This is a good time to revise, redo…many words beginning with “re”.

Some astrologers seem to think that eclipses and retrograded planets makes a person’s life doomed for some reason.  After much study and research, just like working a garden, you take the good, keep it and throw out the rest. You command your life. Astrology just correlates the positions of our planets in our solar system to the planets which were in place when we were born. And, we get good insight into our lives while always making our own choices. No planet or horoscope makes anyone do anything.

Anyway, I hope you visit Warren Zvon’s site on Facebook. He always supports what I write or do, even if he doesn’t understand the stars or horoscopes, it’s all right. I still can’t figure out football very well, but it’s all good. Everyone can learn a little from each other.

So, since Mercury is retrograding, and my personal chart is ruled by Mercury with Gemini rising, this may correlate to why I decided to try to write on this blog…again. I have no clue what will happen. If you wish to write something, help yourself. I can delete undesirable nonsense, since I’m the owner and administrator, but most people are good.

If you have a question about how compatible you may be with someone you are interested in, married to, etc, you can email me at and send me the date, time and place of birth. I won’t use names, but the information, perhaps, to show as examples and explain about compatibility and relationship astrology. After doing about 8,000 of them, along with my own research, I’d say there’s about an 85% chance of accuracy. I’m picky about accuracy in this science and art of astrology. It’s not fortune telling, palm reading, or crystal gazing. I can leave that up to others to do.

I’ll be talking on YouTube more frequently, as my ideas flow more to chat about relationships, and it’s with the understanding that it’s knowledge that you can take or leave. I’m just the messenger…with Gemini rising.

  • Pam Fottrell

Astrology MidPoints Report

I’ve been fortunate to be a licensed user of software companies, and I want to share this about what my chart, based on my date, time, and place of birth, writes about a portion of my Midpoints, which are a different kind of report. I can send you free information about what midpoints mean in your personal chart. I was happy to see that for this year, from October 13, 2016 to October 13, 2017, this is what I read. Perhaps you would like to know a little bit of insight into your life? Read this:
Jupiter=Uranus/Node Natal
Sharing happy experiences with others is a manifestation of this energy. One may have joint
interest in higher knowledge, like learning astrology, together with others, thus sharing one’s
knowledge about the stars with others. There can also be an attraction to highly intellectual people,
as in a specialized area of study or going to college or university. This energy is present when one
starts college and/or finishes college. This is also a very speculative period where one can win
something big along with others, as this relates to good karma coming to one from past action.
Saturn=Sun Email me at Contact me through this Link as well.

Hello, everyone! Welcome!

This is my blog to help you learn about astrology, relationships, compatibility, love, marriage through the use of astrology, for which I have been studying since 1981, involved with the American Federation of Astrologers and the Astrological Society of CT. As this blog grows, I can do your chart for you and another and give you a FREE Love Rating, which shows how compatible you are in this relationship. The summary would be found in the complete Love Match Report, which you can get from my website, through request on the form in the contact information.

Other astrology issues may be discussed and shared, and it’s mainly themed around relationships. I want to help make relationships better, because our family and loved ones are those who want to feel secure from a couple which gets along, demonstrates love and commits to a relationship.

Feel free to comment or add your website so we can share.

Pam Fottrell