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To Order Your Love Match Report, which includes your Love Rating, email PamFottrell@aol.com, and send the names (or “first person, second person”), dates, times, and  place of birth. I will email you a 20-24 page report and confirm your PayPal payment to PamFottrell@aol.com. This report is $45 US dollars.  

Love Match Compatibility Report emailed to you by Pamela Fottrell, Astrologer for 35 years.

90% to 99% Love Rating in your Love Match Report:This level of compatibility is rare and you should take care in how you work with this relationship. Some couples don’t see how well they get along on mostly all levels for a while, because it takes time for their minds, hearts, and souls to get to know each other. If this was a blind date and had this very high Love Rating, then a second date should be on order, even if you don’t like each other much at first meeting. For a Love Rating to be this high, there is a definite purpose for this relationship to have started. It is emphasized that there are no guarantees that this is a match made in heaven, or that you are even soul mates, but that for so much to be so connected in your charts, it is important to know that the potential for this to last is extremely high, and that your free will as well as your past experiences and emotional conditioning can influence both of your decisions to maintain this relationship.

80% to 89% Love Rating in your Love Match Report: This is an excellent level. It shows an excellent blend of the charts where the planets and points work well, and where your strengths work very harmoniously and effortlessly. There is the potential for long-term physical attraction and compatibility. Most problems can be solved without any ill results. The love is easy and excellent harmony is reached! This high percentage is suitable for the ability to co-exist on romantic and friendship/business levels, and is considered a excellent for a long-term relationship, marriage, or partnership.

70% to 79% Love Rating in your Love Match Report: This is a very good level. There also is a natural harmony between each other. The romantic attraction may take more of a conscious effort to achieve physical enjoyment with each other. A little bit of attention goes a long way! It can last very well with little or no problems. Remember, though, that compatibility is measured, not moral values and attitudes. The individual (s) should be honest of know the truth of who he or she is. Extra baggage clouds the outcome! There may be some consideration for the long-term from both parties where compromising can result in a happy and long life together. Sometimes you or your partner may not always be in the mood at the same time when it comes to romance, so doing little things like going to dinner, sending a love note or flowers, or something extra to get her attention, or for her to get your attention, will get things going. It doesn’t mean that the romantic attraction is not already there, it means that from time to time, you may need to be a little more communicative about your need for romance.

This can help promote love. Sometimes, people are better with low ratings, because drama works best for them. This is what I would consider a “drama” love rating, but it can be fun and very unpredictable. If you like that kind of uncertainty, and like to be surprised, then this is a good love rating for you. Continue Here to Learn More about the LOVE RATING, which is in both the LOVE MATCH COMPATIBILITY REPORT and your PROGRESSED LOVE MATCH REPORT.

Everyone should be honest at any level of a relationship, so this doesn’t imply that there will be dishonesty. If someone comes into a relationship and commitment not fully being up front about everything, there could be misunderstandings, and sometimes – most of the time – the couple is going into the relationship with true feelings. With this love rating, sometimes a little argument might escalate into expressions of feelings that someone has to be more open as to avoid that feeling of mistrust, because this rating shows that the couple is not 100% in agreement with everything, from feelings to physical attraction. This rating also favors relationships on romantic, friendship, and
business levels.

65% Love Rating in your Love Match Report: This is a workable relationship. It may take more effort for both to keep the physical and emotional love going strong, and be careful not to take each other for granted, otherwise a lack of interest may cause the energy of love to diminish. The general long-term relationship which involves the daily routines shows the need and desire to stay together through thoughts, words, and deeds.

For romantic relationships, look for any information pertaining to the Moon, Venus and Mars. For business relationships, look at any information pertaining to Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. When the Love Rating is at this level, it is important to realize that there is an easier temptation to have one or the other person feel as though the relationship is not going anywhere and is at a stalemate. This is more likely to result in an “on again – off again” romance. If married, it is a good idea to find hobbies or interests to free up tensions which can occur.

A spiritual link or bond between each other should be established for this relationship to work the way you want. This is a personal choice between each of you, and can’t be forced.

50% to 59% Love Rating in your Love Match Report: This level is close to the national average for couples who usually have strong differences of one sort of another (look at the Planets in Aspect to see where these differences may be). It doesn’t mean that a separation may occur, but true love may not come as easy and the physical and romantic attraction may not last. There must be a strong spiritual presence and desire to want to make the love, friendship or business relationship last.

Closure from past problems may seem impossible, but it is attainable. A good counselor or medium can help resolve issues. There is a possibility that this type of relationship is one where the partners are together for the sake of loyalty or children, if they are involved. An understanding of each other needs to be reached to maintain harmony in the home or work place, even though compatibility may be weak. In matters of friendship and business, know what each of you expect out of the relationship. Trust might need to be proven. If misunderstandings arise, communication and the willingness to pursue common goals has to remain the focus. Respect and honesty have to be maintained.

40% to 49% Love Rating in your Love Match Report: Your chances for the sparks of attraction to last diminish. This shows a possible lack of romance and affection as time goes on, and this may be noticed within the first two to five years. The chance for a long-term relationship is slim. Both must want the relationship to last. The ability to get along easily may seem tedious. One or both partners may seem distant or not very communicative. The time spent on other people, places or things, grows. This could be one of those cases where a whirlwind romance evolves, only to find that it ends rather abruptly for no obvious reason. Women and men usually want to know what happened, why it happened, and who is at fault. However, this is not a matter of blame, but just two people who are not suited for each other. No blame should be sought, but rather look at the experience in a
positive way in that your time experienced together may have been part of your karma or need to fulfill a certain void in your life. You can use it as a stepping stone to aim for a different level of love the next time around. This may be a case where one or both is “addicted to love.” In business and/or friendship, overlooking each other’s differences is what will keep this relationship as harmonious as
possible. If too may power struggles begin to develop, it’s time to move on. Any relationship can work, if you want it to. It’s just that some may be tougher than others. This ride may be a rough one!

0% to 39% Love Rating in your Love Match Report: This is a potentially challenging relationship where it can take quite a long time to get to know each other before making any kind of long-term commitment.

The potential for a long-term relationship in any area is small. Hardship and disappointment can develop unless both parties make the best effort to work out physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
issues. Divine intervention and the help of a professional can help smooth out any rough areas of the relationship, but this can be a forced type of love, or one where there are hidden motives on either
side. If a strong attraction is felt, time is needed to get to know one another before a promise of marriage, partnership, or long-term commitment is given. In a business relationship, look for the areas and aspects which involve Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. These planets usually are involved in relationships where issues other than love and emotions are involved. If the overall rating is low for business partners, read carefully the good and bad points pertaining to business, then determine if the partnership has a chance to succeed.

It is recommended to update your Progressed Love Match Report every four months, especially if the Progressed Love Rating is of concern to you or is not at a good level of 75% or better. It is also recommended that if your Love Rating is below 70-75% for the Progressed Love Match Report, you should get the Love Match Report, if you haven’t already, and this will show the Love Rating using your natal charts at birth, and not progressed, because the Love Rating associated with the Love Match Report stays the same and you can combine that number with the Progressed Love Match Report to see the overall average. If, however, the Love Rating from the Love Match Report is also below 70%, this indicates that the relationship’s compatibility level between you and the other person may be difficult to be at a level which would sustain a long and lasting relationship.

In 4-6 months, more or less, the Love Rating for your Progressed Love Match Report may change, because of the changes in the Moon’s positions, Ascendant, or other planets in each of your charts.

Love and Mercury Retrograde December 20, 2016

Dear Readers of my blog,

This is really new for me. I have the skills, knowledge and education that you would want to know about your horoscope, love rating, career, or just about any part of your life.  Mercury goes retrograde, and has already started, so since I’ve never officially operated a blog before…and this is Word Press – it can’t get any better, right?… I hope that something great comes from this.

For instance, my bro-in-law, Warren Zvon…look him up in Facebook, is such a great artist, and has a super good blog on baseball and the Mets…you don’t have to be a Mets fan to be able to go on his blog.  Just go there and look at his artwork.

Now about astrology. Mercury, the planet of communications, travel, neighbors, plans, actions, appointments, commitments, tend to have some issues, but at other times, it’s a good time to redo or revise what you need to do in your personal or professional life.

For your love life, if you make commitments during these next three weeks, be prepared that things might be dicey and some kind of disappointment might occur. If someone asked me to marry him during this time, I’d wait…just to have that “astrological edge,” because marriage is no piece of cake. It takes more work than time I have to write about it, but my research in these matters of the heart tell me that it really is better to be emotionally safe than impulsively sorry. I can say “trust me,” but astrology is non-biased and speaks for itself. It took me nearly five years to marry my husband. We are 92% compatible, and I still took my time. Love doesn’t rush and shouldn’t be committed to so quickly. I don’t believe in “love at first sight.” This is actually physical attraction. Intimacy may follow, and then when one of the two thinks it’s “true love” and the other person decides to move on, there’s a very disappointed and hurt individual. It’s too much of an investment when anyone rushes into a relationship for “forever.”  It’s an investment which can break the heart more than a slot machine can break your bank account.

Also, I’ve known for a few years now, that I needed revision surgery, but I’m pretty good at my instincts. Luckily for me, I just visited a surgeon yesterday to talk about revision surgery. This is a good time to revise, redo…many words beginning with “re”.

Some astrologers seem to think that eclipses and retrograded planets makes a person’s life doomed for some reason.  After much study and research, just like working a garden, you take the good, keep it and throw out the rest. You command your life. Astrology just correlates the positions of our planets in our solar system to the planets which were in place when we were born. And, we get good insight into our lives while always making our own choices. No planet or horoscope makes anyone do anything.

Anyway, I hope you visit Warren Zvon’s site on Facebook. He always supports what I write or do, even if he doesn’t understand the stars or horoscopes, it’s all right. I still can’t figure out football very well, but it’s all good. Everyone can learn a little from each other.

So, since Mercury is retrograding, and my personal chart is ruled by Mercury with Gemini rising, this may correlate to why I decided to try to write on this blog…again. I have no clue what will happen. If you wish to write something, help yourself. I can delete undesirable nonsense, since I’m the owner and administrator, but most people are good.

If you have a question about how compatible you may be with someone you are interested in, married to, etc, you can email me at PamFottrell@aol.com and send me the date, time and place of birth. I won’t use names, but the information, perhaps, to show as examples and explain about compatibility and relationship astrology. After doing about 8,000 of them, along with my own research, I’d say there’s about an 85% chance of accuracy. I’m picky about accuracy in this science and art of astrology. It’s not fortune telling, palm reading, or crystal gazing. I can leave that up to others to do.

I’ll be talking on YouTube more frequently, as my ideas flow more to chat about relationships, and it’s with the understanding that it’s knowledge that you can take or leave. I’m just the messenger…with Gemini rising.

  • Pam Fottrell    PamFottrell@aol.com

Astrology MidPoints Report

I’ve been fortunate to be a licensed user of software companies, and I want to share this about what my chart, based on my date, time, and place of birth, writes about a portion of my Midpoints, which are a different kind of report. I can send you free information about what midpoints mean in your personal chart. I was happy to see that for this year, from October 13, 2016 to October 13, 2017, this is what I read. Perhaps you would like to know a little bit of insight into your life? Read this:
Jupiter=Uranus/Node Natal
Sharing happy experiences with others is a manifestation of this energy. One may have joint
interest in higher knowledge, like learning astrology, together with others, thus sharing one’s
knowledge about the stars with others. There can also be an attraction to highly intellectual people,
as in a specialized area of study or going to college or university. This energy is present when one
starts college and/or finishes college. This is also a very speculative period where one can win
something big along with others, as this relates to good karma coming to one from past action.
Saturn=Sun Email me at PamFottrell@aol.com Contact me through this Link as well.

Hello, everyone! Welcome!

This is my blog to help you learn about astrology, relationships, compatibility, love, marriage through the use of astrology, for which I have been studying since 1981, involved with the American Federation of Astrologers and the Astrological Society of CT. As this blog grows, I can do your chart for you and another and give you a FREE Love Rating, which shows how compatible you are in this relationship. The summary would be found in the complete Love Match Report, which you can get from my website, through request on the form in the contact information.

Other astrology issues may be discussed and shared, and it’s mainly themed around relationships. I want to help make relationships better, because our family and loved ones are those who want to feel secure from a couple which gets along, demonstrates love and commits to a relationship.

Feel free to comment or add your website so we can share.

Pam Fottrell